Red Fibers strives to support multimedia services including, but not limited to:

Green Leg strives to support business management and development through services including, but not limited to:

Medical Providers

Our dedicated development staff at Green Leg Inc. can connect you with the perfect dream job of your choice. With the ever-changing technological world in which we live, our Red Fibers Communications, Inc. will ensure that your technology and systems, including your multi-media advertising tools, are effective and up-to-date.

Angels Healthcare Companies strive to connect you with the place, the people, the tools, and the business strategies necessary to grow your practice today. Greenleg, Inc. will work with you and your personnel. They will help you staff and recruit all levels of personnel, develop partnerships, manage your practice, and more. Red Fibers Communications, Inc. will assist in all things technology related, ranging from IT services to multi-media marketing.

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Angels Medical Centers connects physicians and practices with:

"We believe in providing a welcoming and nurturing environment to medical providers to enhance their career aspirations in a multitude of innovative ways."

~ Mazen Eneyni, M.D.
Angels Healthcare Companies

Angels Healthcare Companies offer multiple strategic services for new

graduates as well as established professionals. 

• Furnished medical clinics

• Scheduling and administrative services

•Discounted access to other Angels services - Green Leg, Inc. and Red Fibers Communications, Inc.

• Marketing and Communications

• Web Development

• Social Media

• IT

• Staffing and Recruitment of All Levels of Personnel

• Development of Strategic Partnerships

• Business Mergers and Acquisitions

• Practice Management

• Billing and Collection

• Human Resources